A medical imaging application for Java enabled mobile phones. It is designed to be a DICOM viewer that allows for user friendly interaction. The application will be built using J2ME and J2SE. It is a client – server model allowing many mobile devices to log onto the server to obtain DICOM images. Other features offered to the client are an animation of the images, zoom feature and a threshold feature.

DICOM image

Both the server side and client side makes use object oriented programming. The client side makes use of several different classes to accomplish each task, likewise on the server side.


The server is a threaded application, which allows more then one user to log on and request information at any one time. This was done by creating a ServerSocket() object which listens on port 6060 for any  incoming connections. The server will wait infinitively (unless the user shuts it down) for clients attempting to connect.



The client is made up of several classes that allow it to download images directly to it from the server. Some of the other classes allow for the client to zoom in and out on an image and generate a threshoid image for more clearer diagnosis.


Once the connection has been established the client will start the LoadImage() thread by calling the start() method. The user is allowed inspect the image as the rest of the images are being downloaded from the server. The use of a vector() object makes this possible by allowing the images to be called at will, by requesting a specific image by its location in the vector.

image vector

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